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Image of SMK65 PCB
  • Image of SMK65 PCB

PCB specifically designed for the SMK Alps switch with a layout that is compatible with Matt3o's WhiteFox case. The PCB supports both SMK Alps (aka Monterey Alps) and standard Alps.

Uses a atmega32u4 MCU. There are no lighting options, but there is a connector that could be used to control RGB LED strips.

Bare PCB:

You source and solder the 70+ SMD components. Bill of materials.


Board is tested and ready for switches.

Note: SMK Alps do fit into the same cutout as an MX switch, but there is some side to side play when used with the MX+Alps cutout.

Assembled PCBs are built to order, roughly one every 2 days. Check the build queue for an estimate how long a new order may take.

This round of PCBs is blue.